Chapter Zero: Director lens on resource risk and the circular economy

Please note this webinar has been rescheduled from the original date.


Nearly 100 billion tonnes of virgin resources are extracted from the earth, manufactured, distributed and sold by businesses and governments to be consumed every year as packaging, beverages, fridges, cars, houses, food on our plates and clothing. Yet, less than 8% of those resources are cycled back into the economy to use again, instead they are mostly returned to the earth as environmental pollution in the form of waste and emissions.  For our food system alone, this take-make-waste linear approach is responsible for 80% of biodiversity loss which threatens our ability to sustain our human population.

For business, this use of virgin, extracted resources, presents many risks such as supply chain shocks, procurement issues, ethical considerations, carbon emission loading, as well as the social license to operate.

In this session Louise Nash (Founder and CEO Circularity) alongside Jane Taylor (Director, Silver Fern Farms), Mikayla Plaw (Executive Director and GM of Sustainability, Profile Group) and John Steiner (General Manager Accelerated Change, Lion) will share how by taking a circular approach to the use of resources, companies can not only reduce their risks but also define innovative pathways towards a carbon positive future.

Join this session to learn how circularity of resources can be measured to gain critical business intelligence in the performance of global and local supply chains, considering material sourcing, circulation of resources, and end of life. Circularity’s aim is to empower decision-making right across the organisation for a wide range of impactful future shifts for procurement, capital investment, partnerships and system and product redesign.

“Business confidence can be built by providing decision makers with a data-driven dashboard of their current and future material usage to enable them to accelerate the adoption of solutions that improve environmental outcomes for their organisation. We are already seeing the success of this approach across a range of clients in manufacturing, packaging, horticulture, building developments and agriculture -and we hope to see many more with the result being validated solution-led transformation that is better for business and the planet”- Louise Nash CEO Circularity.

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Louise Nash, CEO and Founder, Circularity

Founder and CEO of Circularity and XLabs — Aotearoas's first circular economy lab.

Louise Nash holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics, a Masters of Commercial Law, Masters of Applied Technological Futures and an IDEO Certificate in Business Design. Her experience spans 20+ years in global strategic brand development, human-centered design thinking facilitation and emerging disruptive technology. Her strategy work has covered the depth and breadth of government, business, goods and services, across Australia, New Zealand, Canada and Singapore. She has been recognised as a creative innovator at the Global Cannes awards, Festival of Media awards of Singapore and has collected over 50 Gold and Best in Show awards for her work.

Jane Taylor CFInstD, Director, Silver Fern Farms

Jane Taylor is a barrister, professional director and independent hearings commissioner, with a strong background in environmental science, law and finance. Her current governance appointments include Deputy Chair of the External Reporting Board (XRB), director of Silver Fern Farms Limited, Silver Fern Farms Co-operative Limited, Ontario Teachers Forest Investments New Zealand Limited, the Aspen Institute New Zealand Limited and Guardian of the Aotearoa Circle. 

Jane holds an LLB(Hons) and an LLM with First Class Honours from the University of Auckland, together with a postgraduate qualification in accountancy and finance from Victoria University of Wellington.  She is a Barrister and Solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand, a member of the New Zealand Law Society, a Fellow of the Chartered Accountants of Australia and New Zealand and a Chartered Fellow of the Institute of Directors in New Zealand. Jane is also certified as an Independent Hearings Commissioner under the Resource Management Act 1991.

Mikayla Plaw, Executive Director of Organisational Development & Sustainability, Profile Group

Mikayla Plaw, Executive Director of Organisational Development & Sustainability for Profile Group, is passionate about all things ocean and land health and has developed an interest in innovative packaging solutions and systems.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Laws, majoring in International Environmental Law, she has found herself immersed in 'waste to landfill' reduction and implementing circular principles within her family's aluminium, glass and componentry manufacturing businesses.

The aim for Mikayla is for their group of companies to contribute nearly nothing to landfill, with all materials they work with to be either reused, repurposed, recycled or to have the ability to be one of the 'R's' before the end of its life and inspire others to do the same.

John Steiner, General Manager Accelerated Change, Lion

Degrees in Musical Composition and Philosophy, Politics and Economics weren't obvious qualifications for a career in FMCG and Brewing. But innate curiousity and a desire to make things better has after 20 years, resulted in end to end knowledge of Lion and record of joining disparate dots to create innovative solutions.

As GM Accelerated Change my role is to look across the changing landscape Lion operates in, identify longer term risks and opportunities and engage senior management in solutions that use new technologies and business models to mitigate and / or capitalise from the change. Every cloud has a silver lining!


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