The Chair’s Guide to Climate Action

Publish date
8 Jul 2022
Reading time
1 min

The World Economic Forum, in association with the Climate Governance Initiative and Deloitte, has published three guides as part of an ongoing series to help shape climate action on boards and equip business leaders with the resources they need to take calculated steps towards a sustainable future.

The three briefing papers reveal key insights from chairs leading climate action, consider how key stakeholder groups are responding to a climate driven future and help chairs understand the decarbonisation roadmap. Each paper raises the critical questions chairpersons and board members should be asking each other and their executive leadership teams.

The Chairperson’s Insights into Climate Action provides a summary of highlights from interviews with 16 members of the World Economic Forum’s Community of Chairs on the topic of climate action. 

The Chairperson’s Guide to Climate Stakeholders paper puts a spotlight on how key stakeholder groups are responding to climate change and how they might respond in the future. 

The Chairperson’s Guide to Decarbonisation focuses on the role of chairs and boards in developing a robust climate mitigation strategy. 

An Asia-Pacific launch of these reports was hosted on 5 July by the Climate Governance Initiative Australia supported by the regional Chapters of New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, and the ASEAN Hub.

The event featured insights from David Thodey (Chair, Tyro, Xero, and Great Barrier Reef Foundation), Abby Foote (Former Chair of Z Energy, Director of Freightways Limited, Sanford Limited and KMD Brands Limited - previously Kathmandu Holdings) and Sharon Thorne (Chair, Deloitte Global), and was moderated by John O’Brien (Partner, Climate & Sustainability, Deloitte Asia Pacific).

A recording of the webinar is available to view on demand on Deloitte's website.

Find out more and download the guides.